A Day in the Life of Scooter During Spare The Air Season!

It’s my favorite time of year again – Spare The Air season! Even though we are all excited for the warmer weather, summer vacation, playing outdoors, hanging out by the pool, and going on adventurous trips, we all must remember that with warmer weather comes higher levels of air pollution. This season, I want to take you all through my daily routine and show you how I keep cool, stay healthy, and most importantly, how I help Spare The Air!

1. It’s Time to Start the Day Scooter’s Way!

When I wake up in the morning, I make sure to open all my windows while there is a light breeze outside so don’t have to run my air conditioner so early in the day, and I can also get natural sunlight in my doghouse and help conserve energy! Before it gets too hot outside, I like to go out to my garden and water my flowers. If someone in your family likes to garden and do yard work like me, make sure to tell them to go gas-free and switch to using electric-powered yard tools. That way they don’t contribute to polluting the air.

Scooter’s Tip: Less fuel being burned helps with cleaner air.

2. Paws-itively Relaxing Afternoon

Once noon hits, I make sure to close my windows and settle into some cozy time at home. Since air pollution can be worse in the afternoon and early evening hours, I try to spend more time inside doing fun things, especially if it’s a Spare The Air day! After my lunch, I like to curl up on the couch, take out my glasses and read a good book to pass the time. Taking up a hobby that you can do indoors when air pollution is high is a great way to stay entertained, and even learn something new!

Scooter’s Tip:  If you are going to play outdoors in the afternoon, ask an adult to download the FREE, Sacramento Region Air Quality app so they can check air quality conditions to make sure the air quality is ok to go outside and play. That will help you enjoy your time outside even more!

3. Evening Bike Ride with Friends

To wind down from a full day of helping to Spare The Air, I like to go for a bike ride with friends around my neighborhood to get some fresh air, especially once the weather cools down. Plus, riding my bike helps keep air pollution low because I’m not contributing to car emissions in the air. I love to be outside and feel the wind in my fur!

Scooter’s Tip: Get your family to take a group bike ride to go get ice cream instead of riding in the car, or check out one of these amazing areas to ride your bike around the Sacramento region. You’ll help to reduce air pollution, save gas, and have a fun family adventure!

Thank you for coming along on my day with me! I can’t wait to see how you plan to Spare The Air and I know you are all going to do an amazing job helping to reduce air pollution in our region this summer.

Remember, for more air quality information and Spare The Air tips please visit SpareTheAir.com, or tell the adults in your family to follow us on social media, including FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Until next time!